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Tsarskoye Selo, Saint – Petersburg, Russia – January 17, 2016: Winter view of The Catherine Park and The Catherine Palace with The Church of The Resurrection in The State Museum – Preserve Tsarskoye Selo. Located near Saint-Petersburg

Welcome to a snowy world of literature and liberty. Here you’ll find magic in both fact and fiction….

We launched Snowy Fictions in March 2019. The founder, Madeleine Jones, wanted a blog that celebrates history and literature.

And thus, Snowy Fictions was born.

In that time, cancel culture got worse, censorship gained in popularity, and the publishing industry declined.. Countries such as China suppressed media and entertainment. Yet Snowy Fictions fought against it, arguing that successful literature requires free speech.

Madeleine wrote blog posts on many topics: from how to build a bookcase to the philosophy of Christopher Nolan films. Since publishing her posts, thousands have read and shared them.


Because Snowy Fictions provides alternatives to postmodernism and moral relativism. We do that by exploring literature and discussing creative writing, film and comics. There are growing sections on philosophy, history and travel, giving you a wide scope of content to read and discuss.

Our goal is to not replace divisive theories with a dogmatic approach of our own, but to combine various approaches together, and to promote meaningful debate about fiction. 

We’re proud of the intellectually diverse readership, who come from Austria to Zimbabwe. 

We are proud of Snowy Fictions, and what the future holds for us.

Our Values

Snowy Fictions values:

Independence. Snowy Fictions does not act according to any organisation or publisher. We’re independent and will not censor our message or weaken it. We also support alternative social media sites and news outlets that aren’t owned by multi-billionaire companies. 

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Free Speech and Expression. For society and literature to prosper, human minds must speak freely and without fear of harm. At Snowy Fictions, we understand that governments, big corporations and universities harm individuals by suppressing speech and ideas.

We’re critical of big Anglosphere publishers using morality clauses in their contracts with authors, and the use of ‘sensitivity’ readers.   

Although ‘bad ideas’ exist, Snowy Fictions argues that debate, not censorship, is the weapon against discrimination and hate.  

Liberty. As a crucial value to the Enlightenment, liberty is a requirement for any successful society. As Snowy Fictions discusses fiction publishing, we encourage authors to take creative risks and to not show fear in exploring unfashionable opinions or subjects. 

Knowledge. Whilst our articles have their own perspective, Snowy Fictions promotes knowledge. Our sections on history, travel and philosophy engage with the wider world. Our motto is: ‘Understanding The World Through Fiction.’ That means using fictional texts to improve our understanding of our world.

For example, one of our videos uses two scenes from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire to understand medieval stained glass, art history and the lives of saints. We believe that the line between fiction and fact is thin, and that a well-educated society values both genres. 

We reject the idea that fiction is pure escapism and has no grounding in reality. Through blog posts and videos, we argue that we can learn about our lives through the medium of fiction. 

About Madeleine Jones

Madeleine Jones is a Modern History major. She lives in Sydney, Australia. You can follow her on Twitter here


If you’d like to reach Madeleine Rose Jones with any questions, you can via:

She will respond to messages within the next three business days. She is not interested in sponsored content or book reviews. Alternatively, you can check out her website for more personal details.

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