Madeleine has many writing courses on Skillshare. They’re short, punchy and packed with valuable information. Here are some recent courses:

Find Book Recommendations

Discover new books through trusted methods. Learn about libraries, online resources, social media and bookstores in this valuable course.

One reason why this course is fantastic is due to combination of technology and ‘old fashioned’ methods in finding book recommendations. At the end of this course, you’ll create your own list of books to read. 

Outline A Novel & Write Your First Draft

Every year, countless storytellers attempt to write a novel. Unfortunately, few succeed. For years, Madeleine struggled to finish her novel  – it wasn’t until she discovered the joys of outlining and best writing practices that she finished her first draft. 

In this course, Madeleine teaches outlining and creative writing for those who haven’t written a novel. 

Use Your Fear For Creative Writing

Fear is the mind-killer. Or is it? Although Dune is a marvel of literature, fear is valuable for creative writers. The best authors draw on their emotions, including unpleasant ones, to create worlds of meaning. 

You can do that too. This course teaches writers, of all skill levels, on how to weaponise and investigate fear within their stories. Although this course is short, it offers a unique perspective on narrative that is valuable to any writer. 

Discover Your Voice As A Writer

What is a ‘writer’s voice’? The term is used in literary circles and in critique groups. Agents and publishers often mention the importance of a writer’s voice. But how do you develop your voice as a writer?

Madeleine presents an exciting method to finding your literary voice. In this class, you’ll learn about experimental writing and creating with a purpose. Best of all, Madeleine points out useful skills you can use in your reading.

Write A Fairytale

Fairytales are enchanting, timeless and meaningful. It’s remarkable how a short tale can have so much meaning and depth. But they are hard to write, if you don’t have a good grasp on symbolism, characterisation and mythology. 

Madeleine considers what makes fairytales tick, and explains how you can incorporate magic in your storytelling. Whether you love the Grimm Brothers or Angela Carter, you can create a fairytale worth adoring.

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