So, the Frozen II trailer has arrived. I remember watching the first Frozen film in early 2014, and enjoying it. Because of that, I’ve kept a close eye on Disney’s news regarding the Frozen II sequel.

You can watch the trailer here:

Overall, it’s a nice trailer that asks plenty of questions. What’s next for Elsa and Anna? Will we learn about Elsa’s past? How does her magic work? How does Anna fit into all of this? Yet, alongside these questions come concerns. Because of that, I’ve decided to compile a list of the seven things that must happen in Frozen II.

One: Don’t Neglect Anna

Elsa and Anna in Frozen II trailer
They are both the stars of the film.

Elsa’s story is certainly powerful- she goes from a shy, unassertive young woman to someone who is majestic and can hold her own in a fight. Yet I think alot of the pop culture focus is on Elsa. Don’t get me wrong, Elsa’s great. Yet Anna’s important to. As Frozen is a children’s movie, you’ll have people identifying with Elsa, and others identifying with Anna. I’ve always liked that Anna is a character without magical powers, and is defined by her human traits.

Either way- viewers will connect to Elsa and Anna for differing reasons.

Two: Don’t End On A Cliffhanger

I’m not against Disney turning Frozen into a series, like How To Train Your Dragon. Yet I’m not sure a cliffhanger ending would be suitable for this sequel. Part of the original’s charm was that it resolved all the threads it started in satisfying ways. Because of that, Frozen was simple as opposed to needlessly complex.

What I am suggesting is to have a self-contained story. This tends to suit the animation genre better, as it takes years to make a full-length animation film. We’ve seen that with Toy Story movies in particular. My point is that we don’t know if, or when, we are getting Frozen III. Therefore, the smart move is a self-contained story that can stand on its own merits.

Here’s hoping the Frozen sequel doesn’t overkill itself.

Three: Reveal More About Elsa’s Powers (+Worldbuilding)

frozen II trailer - water horse
I liked this moment with the water-horse! It looks interesting.

The trailer for Frozen II shows us some nice scenes of Elsa learning more about her abilities. While it is not necessary for the movies to discuss Elsa’s abilities (after all, it is a fairytale!) I find it an interesting choice. Because of that, I hope that the sequel deals with Elsa’s past in a clever way. Show us Elsa’s reactions and her inner turmoil, and you’ll have meaty drama for us viewers to chew on.

I believe Elsa’s past will be used in order to create dramatic stakes and more tension. Adding onto that, I predict that Elsa’s backstory will be the driving force behind the sequel. Let’s hope Disney delivers.

Four: More Side Characters

As we can gather from the promo material, the focus is on established characters such as Olaf and Kristoff. However, I hope that we see some new faces. Look, I get Olaf is a charming character yet he’s not the sort that will create tension or long-standing drama. Because of that, Olaf is more of a comedic entry than a serious one. I’m hoping for more characters, because that increases the likelihood of an interesting movie.

Five: Fresh New Songs

I will appreciate strong, well written music.

Yes, “Let It Go” is a fantastic song. Yet, I do often think that it’s the only song people remember from Frozen. Because of that, I hope in the sequel that Disney does not try to ‘reboot’ “Let It Go” but instead dedicates time into crafting new, beautiful songs. Adding on, Disney manages to attract a vast range of talent. They have no excuse to not include some spellbinding music here.

Six: Give Us A Good Villain

I love a good villain, and the first Frozen film has a terrific one. Hans was a delight to watch! I’m hoping that the sequel features a villain that challenges Elsa, and makes her confront her inner demons. Adding onto that, a good villain is a fantastic discussion point for the film. If Frozen II features an amazing antagonist, that will help the sequel stand on its own merits. Because of that, I hope Disney gives us a good villain in the Frozen II sequel.

Seven: Don’t Be Afraid To Be A Bit Dark

I should make something clear. “Darkness” isn’t always sex and violence, most of the time it’s addressing inner demons and psychological issues. Adding onto that, wanting darkness in a movie does not translate into wanting characters to suffer, or for an unhappy ending. What I suggest Frozen II does is have a darker and more serious slant to its screenplay.

The reason why I’m suggesting this is because the themes that are going to be discussed in the sequel- such as Elsa’s parents and their deaths- are topics that deserve to be treated seriously. Personally? I love the light, cheery tone in the original film. However, I think the sequel needs to do something a bit different.

So there you have it- seven things that I want to see happen in the Frozen sequel. How about you? What do you want to see happen? What are your thoughts on the Frozen II trailer? Comment below, I’d love to read your thoughts!

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