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Do you need help writing and researching historical fiction?

Writing historical fiction is a daunting task–but it doesn’t have to be. Navigating historical sources, both primary and secondary, requires skill and direction. This scares many talented writers from conducting research, as they fear upsetting readers because of historical inaccuracy. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

It’s possible to conduct high-quality research for any novel or series. This is where Madeleine comes in. As the founder of Snowy Fictions, she is now offering a service to assist creative writers with historical research.

Madeleine has a Bachelor of Arts in Modern History from Macquarie University and is currently studying postgraduate history at Australian National University. As an avid writer and reader, she is eager to help writers blend fact and fiction.

Her creative writing resources are used as educational resources around the world and she’s given talks on Tolkien and Old English. As an active content creator focusing on history and literature, she is familiar with the best research practices from writers and scholars.

Best of all, she has access to the latest academic historical research through journals, libraries and databases. This ensures her research advice is consistent with a relevant scholarship from universities and museums. She has also visited many locations in Western Europe that apply to her skills.

Madeleine has expertise in:

· Late Medieval Western Europe (1200 AD to 1500 AD)

· The Italian Renaissance

· The French Revolution & Napoleon  

· Victorian and Edwardian England

· Weimar and Nazi Germany

She’s not a good choice for history outside of Western Europe or for Ancient History.

This service does not give editorial or writing advice, but focuses on researching history. Madeleine understands research is an ongoing process, and aims to equip her clients with high-quality information and confidence in writing historical fiction.

What You Get: There are three customised elements in every order:

1.       Letter To The Writer

2.       Research Kit

3.       Further Reading & Watching List

A ‘Letter To The Writer’ is a 2-4 page document addresses concerns an author may have, as well as general guidance, research tips, and answers to questions.

A ‘Research Kit’ contains timelines, links to primary sources, excerpts from diaries and letters, and visual resources. The ‘Research Kit’ is a fantastic tool that helps writers immerse themselves in the sensory details of their time period.

A ‘Further Reading & Watching List’ contains a curated list of secondary sources, mainly documentaries and books. This can include motion pictures and novels. Academic journals are usually referenced, but Madeleine understands not everyone has access to an academic library, or can afford the costs of academic publications. In such cases, she will offer alternatives.

Other documents may be included, such as a bibliography of sources mentioned in the letter. We fully customised every order to the needs of the writer–no two orders are the same!

Cost of Service: $500 USD. Madeleine requires full payment via PayPal before commencing on research. Average turnaround after booking is one month, and I sent all files via email.


Will you research my novel for me?

Madeleine is happy to assist writers in initial historical research, but this service is not a complete substitute for it.

Rather, Madeleine will guide you through historical sources and scholarships, as well as equipping you with the best research methods. This service is terrific for those who are determined to do historical research, but want a simple way to do it.

Do you accept fantasy, science fiction, etc?

Madeleine is pleased to accept anything with a historical component, including time-slips, historical fantasy, alternative history, magical realism and more.

Upon booking, what files must I provide?

Answer: Madeleine requires a complete outline (1-2 pages is enough) or synopsis. You can also include any research questions you have, or any concerns about research. It’s very important Madeleine understands the timeframe you are writing in, where the story takes place and the key characters. Of course, outlines change. As long as you clearly specify the era, the location, important plot events and key characters, Madeleine can assist you.

What must I include in my outline?

You don’t need a complete scene by scene breakdown. If you do, that’s great! But it’s important you list key scenes, main characters, locations, the historical era, etc. Madeleine can work wonders with little information! You may also want to include questions you have or concerns. Writing and researching historical fiction isn’t a straightforward task, and Madeleine is happy to help address specific concerns.

How do I pay?

Via PayPal, although other payment methods (such as Stripe invoices) can be arranged. The charge of $500 USD includes all transaction fees.

I’m interested in your service. How do I get started?

Send an e-mail to connect@snowyfictions.com with information about your novel. Madeleine will reply in 2-3 working days to take your query further.

How will I receive my files?

Madeleine sends all materials via e-mail. I keep all files confidential and safe, ensuring top security. On very rare occasions, she’ll send a Dropbox link.

What if I’m not happy with my order?

Madeleine will work with you to reach a fair and positive resolution to any issue you encounter.

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