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Here are the services Madeleine uses for creative writing. She recommends you use them, too!



Are you sick of your word processor having limited functionality and always crashing? Many on the market have no way to compile notes, create sections, keep track of characters and make changes. Welcome to Scrivener, the exciting solution for novel writers who deserve a better deal.

Scrivener is a fantastic word processor, working at high functionality and ensuring your novel is created to industry standards. Unlike a simple or free word processor, Scrivener is perfect for long documents. Last year, Madeleine wrote a novel with Scrivener, resulting in a clean and professional document she’s happy to work on. She can keep track of her progress, and knows her documents are secure.

Buy Scrivener and make your writing journey easier today.



Have you noticed that on many editor’s webpages, they never tell you how much editing will be, or how long it’ll take? It is quite annoying. Your time is precious, and for your story to thrive, you need results in a timely matter. There’s no need to send cold e-mails to editors, and stare at your computer screen, waiting for a result.

That’s why Madeleine chooses Scribendi, because she knows she’ll get premium editing at a reasonable price within a time frame she chooses. She loves how Scribendi has a website feature (no e-mail address required!) that gives you a quote within seconds. Best of all? Scribendi’s editors are incredible, offering advice that’s always fair, professional and helpful.

Check out Scribendi today, and see the difference in both your storytelling and your life.

Want to read a short story edited by a Scribendi editor? Read ‘Paused.’


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