The United Kingdom has Hogwarts. France has Beauxbatons. Hell, you can check out the eight countries on Better Maps. Wizarding schools are awesome.

Yet, we live in a world where there are over 190 countries. How could JK Rowling cover them all? In this blog post, I will list potential wizarding schools and offer travel inspiration. None of these countries, to my knowledge, have wizarding schools. If not, correct me in the comments!

Let’s begin with…


Mexican sugar skulls and skeletons on a traditional Dia de Muertos table

One of the largest countries in the world, the options are endless in Mexico. Known for the ‘Day of the Dead’ and for the historic Chichen Itza, Mexico has a rich history. It doesn’t matter whether we are discussing the Aztecs or modern times! Either way, both make fantastic material for a spellbinding Wizarding school.

Wizards doing tequila is too good to pass off. Also, I’d like to see Mexico City come alive with magic. The diverse range of flora and fauna would make for a great mythical story. 


Austrian parliament building with Athena statue on the front in Vienna on the sunrise

With its gorgeous palaces, rich history, mountain villages and cathedrals, Austria is already a magical place. Very few countries embody the word ‘fairytale’ like Austria. 

It’s a labyrinth of beauty and elegance, and travellers will enjoy music and art. They’ll feel spoiled!  

A Wizarding school would be perfect in the Alps or in a city like Innsbruck. Those locations are perfect for magical intrigue and dark mysteries.

Out of all the potential and real Wizarding schools, I believe Austria’s would be the most beautiful. They’d have the best choir and pastries. I’m certain of that!


Beautiful nature, Skogafoss waterfall with rainbow in front and tourists are raising arms, Iceland

The land of ice and fire has plenty of mysteries. One of them is the sensational northern lights that play out in the sky every winter. There is also plenty of magic in Iceland’s volcanoes, waterfalls, and large glaciers. It may be too cold for a Quidditch game. However, Iceland is cosy enough for a butterbeer on a cold Sunday. 

I can imagine a sweeping climax to a Wizarding story taking place in the Golden Circle. A talented writer could involve the Vikings or Icelandic sagas. Now that’s a story worth reading!


Caminito Street at Buenos Aires Argentina

With a history of trial and rebellion, Argentina has the makings of a great Wizarding school. 

Whether we discuss the awesome art in Buenos Aires or the many famous Argentinians, Argentina offers plenty. It’s the eighth-largest country in the world, and it’s the home of the tango. Fusing cosmopolitan energy with passion, Argentina oozes a strong cool factor. It’s a place where the colours come alive. And if you are writing a Wizarding story, maybe that’s what your story needs. 

Argentina is an amazing country, with or without magic. 


Hungary’s Parliament Building in Budapest

This country has thermal springs, classical music and lovely cuisine. I love the neoclassical buildings in Hungary because it’s as if I am walking through the pages of history. That is cool!

Hungary is one of Europe’s gems. And it’s time for a Wizarding school to establish itself! 

I can picture a good deal of magical hijinks in Heroes’ Square, or alongside the Danube River. Other awesome possibilities are purchasing magical porcelain and enchanted painted dolls. Now that makes for an awesome wizarding school! 


The outside of a Turkish market

Turkey! Straddling both Europe and Asia, Turkey is the ideal location for a magical school. Why? Because Turkey is both adventurous and mysterious. It’s a country that rewards visitors who take the time to explore and investigate. That makes it perfect for any weird quest.

With its Ottoman-era palaces, Turkey is full of surprises. I particularly enjoy reading about the whirling dervishes. I can imagine a magical chase between wizards through the streets of the Turkish market. Or better, a bewitched blue evil eye being cursed on foes!


Oriental dragons on a temple

China has a rich history to draw on. Why? Because it’s fascinating.

China represents the deepest corners of ancient history. But also, the terrifying depths of the future. With the ongoing protests in Hong Kong and concerns about the government of Xi Jinping, China is the country to watch.

I imagine plotlines of intrigue, deception and politics. All among a magical setting. It would make great fiction, but also remind us of the problems that exist in our world. For those into history, it’s awesome to imagine how the Wizarding world would react to the invention of gunpowder! The large geography of China allows for plenty of awesome stories. 

Picking China was an easy decision. I’d like to see a magical interpretation of Chinese New Year! 


In this blog post, I picked great countries for Wizarding adventures. But I also believe that these seven countries are worth studying and even visiting. Sometimes the most magical places aren’t in fantasy books, but in the countries, we are yet to visit. 

What do you think? Any dream Wizarding locations? Comment below!

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