Who doesn’t love the planets in Star Wars?

From the snowy winds of Hoth to the volcanos of Mustafar, Star Wars planets are thrilling to discuss.

However, the planets can remind us of our own planet earth. So, in this blog post we will compare the fantastic planets in a galaxy far, far away with the earth itself.


Let’s begin!


Seen in: Star Wars prequels & the Original trilogy

The real-world country: Tunisia

Why: Both are blazing hot, desert-like countries. But more than that, George Lucas drew inspiration from Tunisia. Many Tatooine scenes were shot there!

History buffs may have an interest in Carthage, one of the most affluent cities of the Ancient World. There are some comparisons with Tatooine: a history of slavery, trade, and more recently, violent attacks.

Despite that, Tunisia has captured the imagination of many Star Wars fans.

You can read more about the relationship between Tunisia and Star Wars here. (External link)


bespin star wars

Seen in: Empire Strikes Back

The real-world country: Switzerland

Why: Both Bespin and Switzerland are extremely developed countries, home to the rich and to the influential. The Swiss tend to highly skilled and enjoy a low unemployment rate.

From a political standpoint, both Bespin and Switzerland have a history of remaining neutral in times of warfare.

Yet what connects Switzerland to Bespin is geography. Both places are ‘in the clouds’- from Bespin’s Cloud City to Switzerland’s Jungfraujoch. After all, the Swiss Alps offer some of the highest peaks in Southern Europe.


Plus, I can imagine Lando enjoying some fine chocolate and cheese in St. Moritz!


china coruscant

Seen in: The prequels

The real-world country: China

Why: Both China and Coruscant are extremely populated. Both suffer from turbulent histories of corruption, violence and dishonest politics. In a heartbreaking way, the massacre of the Jedis can be compared to the Cultural Revolution in China. After all, both events resulted in the sacking of religious places!

Both China and Coruscant are places of power. Among Star Wars fans, the Emperor is widely accepted as the most powerful character for the majority of the series. Likewise, China’s President Xi Jinping was named the most powerful person in the world by Forbes in 2019. That involved beating heavyweights such as Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump!

And finally. Whenever I look at Coruscant, I see Shanghai’s future. Whether we discuss flying pods or technological advancements, one of Asia’s capitals is entering a new stage of development.


Seen in: Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope

The real-world country: Austria

Why: Both are known for their mountains, and high-culture. Both places are liveable, and have a reputation for beauty.

The galaxy knows Alderaan as ‘the planet of beauty.’ Nature, poetry, philosophy, art, couture, cuisine—we freely share all with all.

Bail Organa

Having been to Austria, I can say that it is a clean, accessible country that is absolutely stunning in its beauty. Whether you are in Innbsruck or Vienna, Austria has a remarkable, aesthetic beauty about it.

Sadly, it’s Star Wars counterpart, Alderaan, was blown up. If we could visit Star Wars planets, I can imagine Alderaan being a popular choice. With what little knowledge we know of it, we can imagine a safe place where people prosper.



Seen in: The prequels

The real-world country: Italy

Why: Both Italy and Naboo are decadent places that represent ‘the old.’ Just as Italy represents the historic Vatican as well as the Roman Empire, Naboo is seen as the ‘best of the Old Republic.’

Also, both places are quite stunning and would make ideal holidays. Even more, I can picture Padme shopping up a storm in Milan or Florence! Yet the parallels don’t stop there. The scenes between Anakin and Padme in Attack of the Clones remind me of Verona and Assissi.

Italy has a ‘city amongst the water’- Venice. Star Wars takes it a step further, and depicts a city that is literally inside the water that the Gungan species calls home.

Both Naboo and Italy are diverse countries with alot to offer.


Seen in: Return of the Jedi, The Rise of Skywalker

The real-world country: Peru

Why: The beautiful rainforests! Both Endor and Peru share tropical climates and mountains. Whether we are discussing Machu Picchu, or how both Endor and Peru are rich in natural resources, the comparisons are endless.

Adding onto that, both Peru and Endor share fascinating cultures, and would make perfect holiday destinations!

Canto Bight

Seen in: The Last Jedi

The real-world country: Monaco

Why: Gambling. Home for the rich and the influential. Lavish lifestyles. Parties. Canto Bight, although briefly explored in The Last Jedi, captures the imagination of those who love luxury and Monte Carlo like experiences.

Whilst TLJ was critical of places such as Canto Bight, Monaco enjoys many tourists and a booming economy every year.



Seen in: Revenge of the Sith

The real-world country: Sri Lanka

Why: Both Sri Lanka and Felucia contain wildlife, flora in the most vivid colours and a tropical climate. Although we only saw Felucia briefly in the heartbreaking ‘Execute 66’ scene, we can enjoy Sri Lanka for a longer time.


Seen in: The Force Awakens & The Last Jedi

The real-world country: Ireland

Why: Not only are both countries green and rainy, but also enjoy a nice quiet about them. Having travelled around Ireland myself, I remember how peaceful everything seemed.

More than that, both Ireland and Ahch-To seem to have some ancient magic about them. In Ireland, you have of course, The Giant’s Causeway. Whereas in Ahch-To, Rey’s mysterious cave scene evoked ancient, magical wonders.


Seen in: Solo

The real-world country: Australia

Why: My country! Both Australia and Savareen are sandy countries with plenty of ocean. As Savareen is located in the Outer Rim territories, this will sound familiar to any Australian who has been told they live ‘too far away.’

Whilst Australia is a very safe country, we do like indulging in stories about lawlessness and crime. (After all, we are a country of convicts!) And for that, I can imagine many Australians visiting Savareen and feeling right in the middle of the action.


And finally, let’s talk about a planet that is literally lava.

Seen In: Revenge of the Sith, Rogue One

The real-world country: Indonesia

Why: Not only is Indonesia in the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ (It’s hot!), but it has the highest amount of active volcanos in the world. For those who are interested in a real-world equivalent to Mustafar, check out “Krakatoa.”

Although no country on Earth is like Mustafar, I think Indonesia comes close. After all, the history of volcanos gave Indonesia the edge.


And that brings this list to a close! What are your favourite Star Wars planets? Have you visited any of the locations on this list? Comment below!

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