The most iconic Star Wars planets and locations- The Death Star and Tatooine- would make dreadful holiday locations. Too much destruction and corruption! On a more positive note, let’s think about what Star Wars planets would make terrific holiday destinations!

Let’s begin!


With wild flowers and colours- this jungle planet may be humid, but there is no denying it’s beauty. We don’t know alot about the planet Felucia- it is only featured briefly in Revenge of the Sith during the iconic ‘Execute Order 66’ massacre- yet it has captured my imagination.


A city in the clouds. How cool is that? This planet, run by Lando, screams luxury and elegance. Sure, going on holiday here would not be cheap but it’ll be unforgettable.


A prominent planet in Attack of the Clones and in The Phantom Menace, Naboo features under-water kingdoms, lush green fields, wild animals, stunning architecture and dreamy views. Naboo may be indulgent, yet its greatness would be enjoyed by many holiday-makers. I like it!


Featured in the Solo movie, Vandor is fantastic for those who like epic train journeys amongst cold weather (Russia, anyone?). I’m sure there is great hiking opportunities, and plenty of adventure to go around. An amazing pick for the traveller who wants things to be a bit tough.


Some Star Wars planets are weird and zanny. That’s a great thing, because it keeps things interesting for us viewers! As someone who travels, I don’t want everything to be like home. Sometimes the perfect holiday means fish nuns, a creepy dark mirror underground, porgs, multiple-breasted creatures and a hermit who used to be a former Jedi. I think if you visited Ahch-To, even amongst the peculiar, you’d feel peaceful. This planet lacks chaos.


Yes, it was blown up in an infamous scene in A New Hope. Yet what we have seen from Alderaan- it’s a dreamy planet with impressive landscapes, high technology and gorgeous scenery. It’s a tranquil planet, and perfect for holidaymakers who want to relax as if no harm will come to them.

Canto Bight

Canto Bight is home to the rich and the successful- who influence galaxy affairs more than others believe. It’s also a pretty damn cool place, with parties and fancy costumes. You know that they probably have the finest restaurants in the galaxy. Perhaps you could purchase a Rolex from there as well! This planet reminds me of Monaco- and that was probably intended.


This planet is pretty much a huge city, and reminds me of East Asian locations such as Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing. With dense population, superb technology, plenty opportunities for clubbing and drinking- Coruscant keeps things interesting. It’s also the political heart of the prequels, with characters such as Palpatine and the Jedi Order wrestling for greater power.

Couriscant can be deadly- but it’s also an experience for the senses.


As an Australian, I am inclined to mention planets that remind me of my home country. It may not be completely safe- but it’s known for its brandy, minerals and er… crime. Perfect those who want a holiday that’s not boring!


As ill-fated as it was, Scarif from Rogue One will speak to those who want a beach holiday (and some imperial action!) It’s remote location and tropical climate, as well as its volcanic island chains- will appeal to a variety of people.


Oh come on. Endor is so freaking cool- especially the tree villages. When I was a child, Endor captured my imagination so much. This is a tourists dream- with its forests and mountains. Whatever you think about the Ewoks- you can’t deny that they wouldn’t keep things interesting.

There you have it! The Star Wars locations that would make perfect holiday destinations. What do you think? Comment below!

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