YouTube has plenty of educational content that can inspire and inform creative writers. In this blog post, you will discover a variety of educational channels, covering different niches, that could help you craft your next story. Whether you are looking for worldbuilding advice or general information about science, I am certain that there is an educational YouTuber for you.

Please note that alot of these channels are about history and geography, because I am a bit biased. But I hope that you enjoy this list.


What Is This Channel About?

Thoughty2, run by the funny and intelligent Arran, (who’d make an interesting dinner guest) is known for making high-quality videos about supposedly ‘useless’ facts. The topics discussed range from science to culture. Watching his videos is always a highlight, because of his superb presentation skills and his ability to make any topic both moving and hilarious.

And yes, the title is a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

How Thoughty2 Helps Writers

Arran offers a unique perspective and worldview, and after binge-watching his content, your view of reality may change- for the better. That’s because Thoughty2 encourages us to see the weird, the wacky, the worrisome and the wonderful in our world. Of course that is going to help any writer! The best fiction is never really removed from reality.

And besides, maybe his so-called ‘useless’ facts could help you out in your literary journey.

Hello Future Me

What Is This Channel About? 

Tim is a rockstar. His videos are about worldbuilding and storytelling, and cite examples from history, video games, novels and film. A benefit of his videos that will assist you is his detail in regards to subject matter. Expect Avatar: The Last Airbender references and ‘A Wizard Did It’ jokes. After all, who said educational content can’t have memes and pop culture?

Tim is also a strong advocate for mental health and education, which would make anyone proud to support his work.

How Hello Future Me Helps Writers

After watching Tim’s videos, you will start to understand the various elements of storytelling, and have a sophisticated grasp on the philosophical and literary issues that underpin fiction. Writers often neglect certain elements of storytelling, whether that is pacing, worldbuilding or tension. Tim’s videos urge writers to take a closer look at their writing and to maximise the potential of their stories.


What Is This Channel About?

Swords, swords and more swords. Oh, and medieval history, too. Shad also provides helpful creative writing tips, and is passionate about his subject matter. Like Hello Future Me, Shad covers a variety of topics and styles, but he does it with a personal and unique touch.

How Shadiversity Helps Writers

As Shad is a writer himself, he understands the process of crafting fiction. In one of his best videos, he goes over his previous creative writing, and gives a valuable self-reflection. As creative writers, we should learn from interesting people, who give their heart into what they say and do. Shad is like that. Besides: if you are writing fantasy or medieval historical fiction, then Shadiversity is a must-watch channel.

Shadiversity is the medieval university that you wished you could attend.


What Is This Channel About?

Geography. Economics. History. Politics. Science. Aviation. Our universe has a wealth of knowledge, yet we only know a few bits of loosely-connected information. RealLifeLore is a channel that seeks to answer the questions that you may have.

More than that, RLL’s videos encourage viewers to take a closer look at the planet, and notice the delights and dangers that lurk nearby.

How RealLifeLore Helps Writers

After watching RealLifeLore’s videos, my perspective on geographical issues broadened. No longer did I see an archipelago or ocean as lifeless, I saw the storytelling potential. That’s what RealLifeLore does for writers. He makes you see life and rich perspectives in the most niche subject areas.

To bring new life to your fiction, you must first grasp the factual world.


What Is This Channel About?

‘Biographics’ is a self-explained channel. It is dedicated to the biographical history of individuals, and what impact they made on the world. From tyrants to Queens, (and those who are both), Biographics is an invitation to look at history through the eyes of those who write it

The channel is hosted by Simon Whistler, who has related YouTube channels concerning business, international relations, geography and mega-projects.

How Does ‘Biographics’ Help Writers?

As writers, we must always consider character. Biographics inspires viewers to see individuals, or, characters, as possessing the ability to transform the story that they are in. After watching Biographics, you’ll understand what makes an individual interesting and dynamic. Once you have developed your ideas, you can add your thoughts to your own fiction.

If you are writing political thrillers, military fantasy, or anything related to comparative governments, you may also enjoy Simon Whistler’s VisualPolitik EN channel. Even if you disagree with the opinions set forward, the videos are worth watching. Also, watching videos and documentaries about how politics work may encourage deeper reading and awareness of the power dynamics that define states.

But don’t stop there! Engage with intellectually diverse opinions, and apply critical thinking. If you watch Political YouTube, it’s not a bad idea to listen to differing viewpoints, because:

  • You’re not stuck in an echo-chamber
  • With so many viewpoints, you must use critical thinking
  • Your argumentative skills will increase.

I can’t name a single creative writer that wouldn’t benefit from the above.

Academy Of Ideas

What Is This Channel About?

Academy of Ideas is a philosophical channel that asks and answers the defining questions of our times. Like VisualPolitik EN (although completely different at the same time), you may not agree with every statement in the video. But you’ll find incredible ideas, many of which have shaped history. Academy of Ideas is a channel to get you thinking, and uses literature, art, politics, science and history to do so.

How Does ‘Academy Of Ideas’ Help Writers? 

By getting writers of all stages to reflect and to think. Academy of Ideas introduces its viewers to a variety of thinkers, and provokes us to pay closer attention to philosophy, language and literature. After all, the very best works of fiction also work as philosophical texts. Because of that, Academy of Ideas inspires writers to have an intellectual ambition, and to write passionately about their chosen topics and worlds.


What is this channel about?

Languages. How they are formed, who uses them, how they connect to each other, and whether they will evolve. You’ll also discover the best ways to learn a language.

How Does ‘Langfocus’ help writers? 

Did you know that J.R.R Tolkien was heavily inspired by language? That the Middle-Earth we know and love, was born out of fictional languages? My point isn’t that learning how languages work will lead to the next great work of fantasy literature. What I’m arguing is that understanding how language works will assist you in your creative writing.

Personally, learning Russian and Latin made me alert to my errors of English grammar in creative writing. I paid closer attention to how sentences are structured. And you can too. Whilst Langfocus isn’t a strict linguistics channel, it’s a great inspiration for writers to think in terms of language.

If you want to continue to watch Langfocus, I recommend reading more about linguistics, and how language is used for communication. As creative writers, it is not enough to be skilled in the art of imagination. No, we must also understand and appreciate the techniques of language, and how they apply to literature.

Economics Explained

What is this channel about?

Economics. What’s great about Economics Explained is that the host explains economic concepts quite well, and has a sophisticated commentary style with the right amount of humour. Even if you find economics to be dull, it is still important to understand how money relates to the world, and the lives that interact with commerce and in some cases, crime.

How does ‘Economics Explained’ help writers? 

By encouraging writers to flesh out important aspects of worldbuilding.

Consider the economics of Harry Potter. We have small businesses at Hogsmeade, ‘old money’ in the Malfoy family, a public-funded school in Hogwarts, two entrepreneurs in the Weasley twins, shopping districts in Diagon Alley, dark markets in Knockturn Alley, self-made celebrities like Gilderoy Lockhart, and even the goblins have a share market.

All of these are economic concepts, and they shape the universe of Harry Potter. More than that, the economic lives of say, The Weasley family, are fundamental to understand character motivations and traits. Whilst they go through tough financial times, characters such as Molly use such strains as a way to bring people together. In many instances, the economics reveal information about ourselves and our favourite fictional characters.

Throughout history, economics has been a driving force. It is not just a discipline for bankers and business gurus. Economics affects everyone, including your characters. Creative writers should take it seriously.

Epic History TV

What is this channel about?

The most dramatic and awesome moments in history, from Alexander The Great to World War I. Epic History TV presents his findings in a pleasing way, with animated maps and sophisticated lettering.

I highly recommend the videos on Napoleon. They are high-quality, entertaining, and proof that history is the ultimate blockbuster.

How does ‘Epic History TV’ help writers?

Not only will Epic History TV give you great inspiration about historical events, but you’ll also learn crucial lessons about how ‘the past’ happened. If you are writing a story where every decision matters, then I highly recommend studying history. Your fictional worldbuilding will be more vivid and realistic, leading to a rich reading experience.

Epic History TV’s videos are well-researched, and by watching his content, you’ll discover how historical data can be translated into a narrative. That is certainly valuable for historical and literary fiction writers, but also writers of any genre or style.


YouTube truly is a fantastic place for educational content, no matter if you are a creative writer or not.

What educational YouTubers do you like? Comment below. Do you have any thoughts about the ones listed here?

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