This is the hardest blog post I’ve written. There’s no way getting around it: I’m quitting Snowy Fictions. I started this blog in March, 2019. I wanted to make a passionate statement towards freedom of speech and liberty, because I knew without them, people suffer. Snowy Fictions had this lofty goal of changing publishing, making it more fair, more decent, more humane. To embrace intellectual diversity and alternative viewpoints, at a time when publishing lacked those very things. So, I started this blog.

But I ran into multiple problems running it: I didn’t have the skills, nor money, to properly run it. I didn’t know anything about SEO, branding, content editing, social media, WordPress, email marketing, privacy policies, monetization… all I had was a love for literature and a burning desire for freedom. But it wasn’t enough. They’d always be another plugin to purchase, or a software I had to learn. I couldn’t keep up with all the bills associated with running a blog, or the constant changes in analytics. More than that, Snowy Fictions doesn’t have a large following. In fact, it has a very small one. And I appreciate and love everyone in it.

Thanks to Google Analytics, I found out some pretty cool things. Someone on a romance forum gave me a shout-out, appreciating my dedication to free speech (thank you!). My gothic writing guide became an educational resource in high schools, all across the Anglosphere. It saddens me that I’m letting these excellent people down, who frankly, deserve better.

Those who’ve followed Snowy Fictions for a long time (seriously, thank you. I mean it, with all my heart) would know my struggles with consistency. It’s pretty bad, and I was foolish to believe I could run a blog and publish high quality content. I couldn’t. Some blog posts on Snowy Fictions are poor quality, and I should’ve known better. I am sorry. Simply put, I wasn’t good enough to fully realise Snowy Fictions. I bit off way too much. This was made worse by ongoing problems with mental health, therapy, COVID, etc. But I don’t want to give excuses. I need to take responsibility. What I did was not okay.

For those on my mailing list, I am absolutely mortified at my behaviour. It’s not okay to not post for months on end. Especially when people trust me with their contact details. I’m very sorry to those waiting for my Gothic course. Honestly, I don’t think I’m in the right frame of mind to teach and ask money for it. That’s why I’m cancelling the course, and I am absolutely sorry. Everyone who signed up for a promotion code deserves better. I wish you all the best of luck in your literary journey.

And finally, to my readers. Oh gosh, I can’t stop crying. I love you all so much. Thank you for believing in me, reading my posts, sharing and commenting on them. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Never stop believing in liberty, freedom and your right to create. Snowy Fictions may be over, but the fight for free speech continues. Even though I am not blogging here anymore, I will fight for other authors every chance I get.

Snowy Fictions is many things. Maybe it’s a success, maybe it’s a failure. Either way, I learned so much about myself while running this blog. I’m excited to work on my novels and write more. I can see myself starting another blog or publication in the future, but with more help and resources. It takes time to built those things up, and I can do that. I’ve linked below my personal Twitter and website.

As for this blog, I recommend you archive any favourite pages. I’ll renew the hosting for a few years, and then- I’m unsure.

Thank you again for all your kindness over the years. I will never forget it.

Goodbye – for now,

Madeleine (Website / Twitter)

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