Need help with your creative writing? It’s tough to write a novel, or a short story. Critique groups can seem intimidating, editors are expensive, and universities are restrictive. Although craft books are excellent guides to writing, they don’t give the personalised feedback YOU need to succeed as a writer.

Enter Madeleine. She’s a creative writing teacher and book blogger who has created educational resources for schools in Canada, the United States and Australia. She’s also given talks on Old English and Tolkien. Not only that, but she’s published short stories and is an avid writer herself. Her videos on YouTube are praised for their originality and depth.

Madeleine will help you become a stronger writer. With her tutoring, you can tackle common hurdles with ease.

What To Submit: Up to 10,000 words of fiction writing (for example: short stories, an opening to a novel, a selection of micro fiction) and a cover letter, discussing any questions or issues you want assistance with. You may want to talk about your writing background, as well as your goals and ambitions for the future.

What You’ll Get: A 1-2 page letter about your writing, answers to your questions, and in-text comments. Madeleine will also give suggestions on how to achieve your literary goals.

Price: $200 USD. Payment is done via PayPal (alternatives on request). You will receive your critique within 7 business days upon full payment.

Interested? Excellent! Send an e-mail to connect@snowyfictions.com with your writing sample and cover letter (as attachments). Madeleine will respond with further details and answers to any questions.

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