The show, that has captivated the hearts and minds of viewers for close to a decade- is over. In order to say farewell, I will recount the life lessons each Game of Thrones character taught me.

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion doesn’t get it right alot of the time- but when he does, it’s hard to not look away.

Lesson: Others may call you names and abuse you, but remember, if you are brilliant- you better damn well use your brain.

This is a good life lesson, because it can be hard to remember your intellectual worth. Tyrion isn’t smart all of the time- when he is- there is no denying that he owns the conversation. Don’t let the cruelty of others as an excuse to act like a moron.

Daenerys Targaryen

She may be strong- but she’s also fragile and vulnerable in many ways.

Lesson: No human is fully good or evil, we are more fragile and vulnerable than we know.

What I’ve always liked about Daenerys Targaryen is that she has both shades of good and evil. Her freeing the slaves? Good! Her massacring The Crownlands? Bad! But what’s important about Daenerys Targaryen is that she’s a very human character, who isn’t always going to be completely good or evil. Even if you put a strong persona to the world, that doesn’t strip you of your vulnerability.

Theon Greyjoy

A good man.

Lesson: We are all capable of goodness. Guilt and shame are awful emotions, but if you want to do better, that’s a sign of goodness.

Theon Greyjoy, in Season 2, killed two young boys and took Winterfell. Yet as he develops a relationship with Sansa Stark, and thinks more about his actions, he strives to be a better person. This is a man who gave his life up for Bran Stark, who rescued his sister and helped Sansa.

That’s a sign of a good man.

Sansa Stark

Her journey has been incredible to watch.

Lesson: True wisdom is the ability to be both logical and emotional.

Sansa’s journey from loving Joffrey to being a strong character who can make wise choices is spellbinding. She has gone through alot, but she can be emotional (breaking her promise to Jon) and logical (her outlining that Daenerys isn’t necessarily a good ruler because of her moral traits). That’s wisdom, the ability to be both logical and emotional.

She’s probably my favourite character for this reason.

Arya Stark

One of my heroes

Lesson: Never forget who you are, your worth, and your right to have a future that does not have pain.

Has there been a more epic journey of an individual learning that they are ~Arya Stark~ not “no one”? What I also like about Arya Stark is that she advocates for others- in the second last episode of the show, “The Bells”, she can be seen helping others. She’s a protector. The sad thing is, I don’t think she knows that. Through watching Arya Stark’s journey, I learned that helping others is always valuable. Sometimes- the person who needs the most help is yourself.

A girl is truly incredible.

Bran Stark

Don’t let others say you are unemotional and uncaring.

Lesson: Your humanity is not determined by how others perceive you.

Bran Stark has gone through alot, and that means he can’t always be as emotional as people wish. Over the course of the series, he has hid his emotions closer. But make no mistake- Bran Stark is a very human character. As a woman with Asperger’s Syndrome, Bran’s journey hits close to home. There reaches a point where you can’t be an emotional, welcoming person. Usually that happens in times of great distress. However, that does not define your humanity. Like Bran, I’m still learning that.

Jon Snow

Trying to make others happy all of the time is a sure way to be miserable.

Lesson: You will never be content if you make decisions solely to make others happy.

I mean- Jon Snow tries to appease people all the damn time. Yet he’s not happy. He’s tried to make the Night’s Watch happy and he’s tried to make Daenerys happy. What Jon Snow taught me is that sometimes, the best decisions one can make aren’t about happiness or little moments of joy. The quest for the happiness of others can lead to personal misery.

Cersei Lannister

Cersei gets her way alot of the time in the show. Still don’t want to be like her.

Lesson: There’s nothing impressive, or badass, about hurting people.

Sure, there are moments where you can cheer Cersei Lannister on- but to be honest, something is off about her. She hurts others, and enjoys it. I don’t want to be like Cersei Lannister. I know the show could make her seem badass, but she never really impressed me. She’s petty and cruel. A fantastic villain, but not someone who I want to be like.

Brienne of Tarth

Do not feel ashamed for being strong and feminine. Never let the world say you must be only one.

Lesson: Never be ashamed of your strength and your feminity.

Brienne is physically strong, but she’s also vulnerable, protective, caring and compassionate. This means she defies stereotypes of being a ‘brute’- Brienne of Tarth is a remarkable character in that she shows how knights can be multilayered and complex in the best way possible. She doesn’t deserve to feel ashamed or maligined because of that.

Jaime Lannister

Some people aren’t worth it.

Lesson: You are not bound to a certain person, you should move on.

Jaime’s struggle with Cersei is hard to watch, because it’s clear they bring out the worst in each other. Jaime is alot happier when he’s with friends or with Brienne. Thinking about Jaime’s arc made me realize that some people are just toxic, and you should move on.

Samwell Tarly

Keep Reading, Samwell Tarly

Lesson: Reading is key (and don’t listen to those who abuse and bully you)

Of course, I always knew that! But with Samwell Tarly, he reminds me that knowledge can help others. Knowing history, songs and literature is pretty cool. Sam is a smart guy- and seeing him bullied and abused by his father for not fulfilling a masculine stereotype is quite heartbreaking.

However, Samwell Tarly manages to solve many problems (such as Jorah’s greyscale), and it’s because of his brain, but also his willingness to help others. A remarkable character.

What life lessons did Game of Thrones characters teach you? Comment below!

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